The city of Honolulu is home to over a million residents, comprising 80% of the state’s total population, and it’s also the number one tourist destination in Hawaii. Visitors to the city are looking for delicious food while they enjoy the sights, and they can find a full range of Fast Food Restaurants in Honolulu. Most visitors agree that the top restaurants have fast service, low prices, clean dining rooms, and most importantly, delicious Hawaiian food.

Of course, the city is home to all of the major fast food chains, but visitors want to experience local culture while enjoying a fast food meal. In addition to the usual burgers and fries and fried chicken, diners in Honolulu want to try local specialties, like noodles, fish, and local stews. Fortunately, it is possible to find restaurants in Honolulu that serve authentic local cuisine with fast food convenience and fast food prices. One of the best-known Fast Food Restaurants in Honolulu is Zippy’s. Named for the newly innovated zip code in 1966, Zippy’s Restaurants are known for serving delicious local recipes in a fast food environment. Now 50 years old, the chain has 22 locations throughout the state.

Compared with other fast food restaurants, Zippy’s has an unusually extensive menu. They serve a large breakfast menu featuring eggs, sausage, rice dishes, and a variety of omelets along with sweet treats like pancakes and French toast. Their lunch and dinner menu spans the different cultural traditions that make up the state of Hawaii. Diners can find American staples like burgers, fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches, along with many Asian and Polynesian dishes. Some of the most popular menu items are their original recipe chili, saimin (a Hawaiian noodle soup), oxtail soup, golden fried chicken, and sushi. Dieters can also find low-calorie and diabetes-friendly options.

Zippy’s is also known for Napoleon’s Bakery, a bakery that makes fresh desserts just for Zippy’s. These include pies, custards, cakes, donuts, and pastries of all kinds. In fact, many visitors go to Zippy’s especially for dessert. Visit website to learn more about what makes this restaurant a local favorite.

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