Road trips, no more public transport, the freedom to discover new terrain – these are just a few of many benefits associated with driving! Forget about flagging down cabs and waiting at bus stations to get from A to B, because when you take it upon yourself to get behind the wheel, learn the basics and enrol in driving lessons before facing the almighty test, you will be one step closer to becoming a safe and confident motorist. Lessons are usually offered by driving schools and independent instructors. The choice is yours but whoever you decide to learn with, you could speed up the driving certification process by taking some valuable advice on board.

Practice Whenever Possible

If you have the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat of a friend or family member’s car, take it! Observing how other people drive will help you to learn faster, especially if you monitor the person’s actions when they are driving on motorways, congested roads or over difficult terrain. You don’t have to be inside a car to practice though, because the Internet is a good source for finding driving-related information, as well as information that could help you pass your theory. Step inside your local library from time-to-time too and check out books about hazard perception, driving skills or motorway rules.

Schedule Lessons at Suitable Times

Attending driving lessons after a big night out is a recipe for disaster, as is attending a driving lesson when you are feeling stressed or if you are rushing to do something when the lesson ends. Your mind should be free of worry and you should feel relaxed, but focused, when sitting in the driver’s seat, so think about what day of the week would suit you the best. Making block bookings and booking in advance could save you some money so have a long, hard think about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Dress Comfortably and Arrive Early

Stiletto heels and football boots might be fashionable, but they won’t be ideal for driving. Wear trainers or a comfortable pair of daps when attending driving lessons and avoid wearing jewellery or clothing that distracts you. Remember that the earlier you arrive, the better you will be able to compose yourself. What’s more, you will give yourself time to refresh your mind by reading over any notes that were taken during previous lessons.

Your driving lessons will be structured into sections when you learn with AMS Driving School.

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