When it comes time for a child to enter school, it can be a little overwhelming for everyone involved. Although it is exciting for a child to be able to start their educational journey, this new step can bring on an array of emotions for both the child and their parents. Thankfully, there are some steps parents can take to help their child adjust to Pre-Kindergarten in Locust Grove GA. With this information, the process will be much easier for everyone.

• One of the first things a parent can do is to establish a solid schedule for their child. It can be disruptive for a child to go from no set schedule to a very controlled one. A child should have a certain bedtime each night and a certain time to awaken. A controlled schedule of sleep will help a child to be better prepared for the school day they will go through.

• Having a child practice fine motor skills by gluing, cutting, and playing with small beads and clay can help to prepare them for the learning tasks they will experience in pre-kindergarten. A child with a higher level of motor skills will be able to better learn to write, which will help them progress in their education.

• It can help for the parents and child to visit the classroom where the child will be attending. Allowing the child to play and experience the surroundings, while under the safe watch of their parents, will help them to feel more confident in attending Pre-Kindergarten in Locust Grove GA. Visit here to get more information.

• Separation anxiety can occur when a child first begins pre-kindergarten. It is important for parents to be supportive and assure their child they will be there in the afternoon to pick them up. It is also important they do not linger in their goodbyes since it can make it more difficult for the child.

If your child is ready to begin pre-kindergarten, how you handle it will often determine how well they do. For a superb pre-kindergarten experience, contact the Strong Rock Christian School. Here, your child will receive the education they need to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

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