When business owners need large industrial machinery or small, fragile items moved, they sometimes need to think about using crating or putting those items on a pallet in Austin. When it comes to fragile items, it is usually a very delicate job that requires careful attention to detail. Even large machinery contains small and delicate parts that need protection during transport. Business owners need to deal with a company that has the experience and knowledge to make sure every piece is carefully handled to prevent damage while in transit.

When searching for a crating & packing service, business owners need to find a company that can design, build, and pack wooden crates for a wide variety of items. They should be able to have these items shipped to any location they want. These may delicate antiques, high-technology computers, or industrial machinery. Even items such as helicopters should be able to be shipped. Aircraft can be disassembled and shipped in specially designed crates and skids, while industrial machinery calls for heavy duty wood crates that are built tough for safe and reliable transport.

Prospective customers should find out if crating companies have solid carpentry and building skills to handle a wide range of projects. Ask if they can build shelves, benches, and build around a pallet in Austin for transport outside of Texas. They should inquire about previous design and custom built projects that have been completed.

Customers can also inquire if the crating company has any experience with government work. This would mean they have had to adhere to more stringent standards since government agencies have special crating specifications. Customers should inquire if the company is familiar with the government’s specifications and can handle these projects. Ask if they have specific experience with specifications such as MIL-B-26195, which is the military standard for crating equipment that is under 10,000 pounds, as well as MIL-C-104, MIL-P-15011. Those who need crating should also ask if the company has shock and vibration resistance included in the mil-spec packaging when they are transporting sensitive equipment or electronics. Finally, customers should also ask what type of safety standards the crating company adheres to.

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