Being hit by a vehicle while on a bike is an extremely traumatic experience. It is also one that most cyclists hope to avoid. However, if this issue were to occur, it is important to follow a set procedure, so the victim is able to file a report with the police. In addition to calling a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Nassau County NY, use the information here to protect the right to file for monetary compensation.

Get the Driver to Remain at the Scene

One of the first things a person should do after being hit while riding their bike is to make sure the driver of the vehicle remains at the scene of the accident (if they haven’t yet hit and run). If the driver doesn’t cooperate, try to write down or remember the license plate number and get the model, make, and color of the vehicle. Try to remember any other unique details, as well, such as dents, bumper stickers, etc. that will help the police locate the driver.

Contact Any Witnesses at the Scene

The second step of this process is to contact any witnesses who saw what happened. Get these individuals to write down, email, or text their version of the events to the victim. It is crucial that this is done as quickly as possible since many people will forget the details of the crash as more time passes. Also, when a person has a written record of what happened, they can give it to their Bicycle Accident Lawyer Nassau County NY, who can then use it to build a case against the responsible party. This is especially important if the driver that hit the person on the bike left the scene right after the accident occurred.

The fact is, having several witnesses who all say the same thing can be quite beneficial in ensuring the driver of the vehicle is held responsible for their actions. More information about filing a bike accident lawsuit can be found by contacting the Law Office of Steven R. Smith. Those who are interested can also Visit the website to find out what they should do to get compensation for the injuries they suffered.

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