Ideas for Using a Patio Paver in Auburn, WA

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Landscaping

When landscaping a yard, it’s sometimes a good idea to think outside the box a bit. For example, there are any number of ways to use a Patio Paver in Auburn WA besides just making a patio in the backyard.

Create a Pathway

These pavers can be used to create a path through the backyard or garden. For even more fun for kids, consider making part of the path into a hopscotch board by laying out pavers in the typical hopscotch grid and painting numbers on them. It’s also a good option for making a path from the driveway to the front door or between other areas of interest in the yard. Save money by leaving spaces between the pavers for grass to grow or to fill with gravel or stones or another less expensive material.

Dress Up a Pool

Another option is to use patio pavers to construct a surround for an in-ground pool. This can be a nice upgrade to the typical pool surround, and you can also use the pavers to create a path to the pool and a matching patio if you like. Just be sure to choose a type of paver that is textured rather than totally smooth to limit the risk of slipping and falling when walking around with wet feet after getting out of the pool.

Create a Maze or Other Game

Those with a large area of ground they want to cover may add interest by making a maze-type pattern with the pavers. Then people can relax by trying to find the path through the yard while aways stepping on a Patio Paver in Auburn WA. Another option is to use pavers to create a life-size chess or checkerboard for people to play these games on. This will make backyard barbecues even more entertaining.

Make Your Own Planter

People who have a few extra patio pavers can use these to create large planters to add some extra interest to the backyard or patio. Fill them up with your favorite flowers or even a container garden.

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