From medical offices to hospitals, in an industry that has a high risk of healthcare associated infections (HAI), it is critical to take precautionary steps to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. The operating standards in the healthcare industry are set high to help reduce the chances of cross contamination and to prevent the spread of disease.  To meet these standards, it is vital to have proper cleaning in place to to help stop the spread of HAI’s. A medical facility can accomplish this by hiring a company that offers quality healthcare cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ. With the right procedures, the medical cleaning service can assist in minimizing the risk of people being exposed to various bacteria and viruses.

What to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Service for a Medical Facility

When researching providers that offer healthcare cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ it is essential to find an organization that understands the standards and codes set by the state. Their cleaning staff should have the specialized knowledge and experience to clean healthcare facilities to prevent cross contamination and to protect themselves as well.  A provider will have on hand the proper disinfectants, hepa filter vacuums, mopping systems and micro fiber cleaning cloths.

Cleaning Services That Understand Basic Regulations

Another factor to consider when researching cleaning services is to hire a company that knows and understands the HIPPA privacy rules. This will insure the privacy of your patients when they are on the job cleaning your healthcare facility. Square Feat Inc. offers their clients a knowledgeable staff that understands the importance of following all protocol that is necessary in healthcare facilities. Contact Square Feat to learn more about the methods they use to provide their clients with a safe and clean environment for your patients and staff.

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