The ideal way to significantly improve energy efficiency in a home is to have all the windows replaced at the same time. Financing is typically available, tax credits can help offset the cost, and savings on utility bills provide a high return on the investment. In some cases, a major home improvement project is still out of reach for some homeowners. There are still ways to improve efficiency with services for Residential Glass in Brooklyn MI.

If all the windows cannot be replaced, consider replacing the windows on one side of the house. The project can be done in stages if necessary. The savings will not be as dramatic, but they can be used to replace the windows on another side of the house later in the year. Strategically replacing windows will save money. Those who are not sure which windows to replace first can consult technicians at experienced glass companies like Maple City Glass Inc., for example, for recommendations.

Storm doors are another cost-effective way to improve efficiency. Many residential doors do not include insulated glass, which means drafts and moisture enter the home. Garage, side, rear and front entrances can be fitted with storm doors to eliminate wind, rain, and snow from getting through doorways. Patio doors can be fitted with insulated glass as well. Savings will add up, security will improve, and the family will be more comfortable without damp drafts flowing through the house.

In addition to improving efficiency, Residential Glass in Brooklyn MI can also enhance the appearance of a home. Shower enclosures, cabinet glass, table tops, decorative glass, and mirrors can be custom designed to reflect the personalities and preferences of the occupants. Interior doors made of glass can be etched, frosted, or painted for a stunning look that will be one-of-a-kind. Custom glass touches increase the value of a home.

If the home is older, repairs and replacements are inevitable. Preparing ahead of time, deciding on a budget, and prioritizing projects will make the tasks more manageable. They will also be easier to fit into hectic schedules with advanced planning. Total window replacement is not feasible for every homeowner, but there are cost-effective ways to improve efficiency and save money.

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