In Home Care Services provide various levels of care to many kinds of clients. They provide service to people as young as premature babies as well as to the most elderly individuals still living at home. It’s the senior citizen population that calls upon these workers the most for regular home care. More than 70 percent of home care clients are seniors, according to government statistics. They have a broad range of disabilities that cause a need for unskilled home care workers, nursing assistants and licensed nurses.

Although people may consider nursing assistants and nurses the most important workers in this area of caregiving, the workers who don’t hold any certifications or licenses are essential parts of the program. They can provide more affordable service when a disabled person mainly needs help with light housekeeping, meal preparation and transport. Simply providing regular companionship is sometimes invaluable. Families often can’t be with their disabled loved one the majority of the time, and they worry that this person is lonely while sitting home with nobody to talk with. A home care companion who arrives every day or every other day and spends a few hours with the client is greatly appreciated. These workers often are suitable for visiting people with relatively mild dementia as well. They provide some friendly, informal supervision when no family members can be there.

Of course, some families are more comfortable having skilled nursing In Home Care Services visit the client, or there is a definitive need for that service. For instance, a patient who needs a great deal of medication provided throughout the day benefits from a nurse being there. Some patients need injections or intravenous medication. Some need assistance with bathroom needs and may even require enemas. Families often feel more reassured by having a visiting nurse come to the home if the patient has a serious terminal illness, such as congestive heart failure or stage-four cancer. An organization such as CareMinders® Home Care of Omaha provides virtually all levels of service to families, whether they need someone to offer companionship or a nurse to provide medication for serious illness. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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