Hydraulic cylinders work to the transfer power through oil. Their integrity resides in all parts of the system working together. The typical hydraulic cylinder contains an enclosed space where oil can be pressurized, a piston through which the power is transmitted, and a pipe in which the oil is pumped into the space. If any of these parts are compromised, the hydraulic cylinder will not function properly.

One of the indications of a problem with the Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago is leakages in the outer casing. While these are designed to be tough, a strong impact can damage the outer casing. If it is punctured, the pressure inside the system cannot be adequately maintained. Damage to the casing can’t always be seen because of how it is configured in the machine. However, any loss of pressure should be checked immediately.

Another indication of a problem can occur with the piston. The piston must be struck straight on for power transmission. If this strike is off by a tiny amount, the piston may start to warp. As the strikes continue, the piston may warp to the point where it no longer operates smoothly or becomes stuck. The problem can often be seen by a loss of power. While alignment is checked upon the installation of the cylinder, vibrations from the machine can cause a misalignment to occur.

Leakage from the piping connection can also pose a problem for the Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago. This can occur over time. Wear can occur on the connection from the normal operation of the machine. Like the leakages in the outer casing, this problem might be indicated by a drop in pressure between the pipe and the cylinder. Leakage from the connection may also be visible underneath the area where the cylinder is installed.

While the cylinders are designed to be strong, the parts can sometimes fail. A failure can be indicated by pressure loss, a loss of power, or by visible signs of hydraulic oil. Any of these issues should be investigated. For more information on finding parts or for an entire replacement, contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc.

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