Long after employees have gone home and only a few security personnel are left to patrol the premises, the thief drops down from the wall surrounding the building. He enters the building through a basement door that he opens easily with lock-picking tools. His goal is on the fourth floor, the third office on the left. He opens the door by scanning a stolen employee ID card. Inside he finds another locked door, behind which lies the valuable data another company is paying heavily to acquire. This time, the thief must provide a fingerprint in order to open the door. Can he reach his target without triggering an alarm?

The above might be a scene from a spy movie. In real life, many businesses are concerned with controlling access to their facilities and the equipment or information they store. There are many forms of access control including the physical barriers and manual locks described in the scenario above. An electronic access system provides a higher level of security than a manual lock and key. If you are a business in the Greenwood area, you may be interested in electronic access system installation in Greenwood IN.

To get through an electronic control system, the user will have to enter some type of identification. This might be a password or an ID card that can be scanned. There are also systems that require biometric identification, such as a finger print, a retinal scan, or a voice scan.An electronic access system can control not only who enters the building, but when. While a metal key can unlock a door at any time of the day or night, an electronic lock can be programmed to allow entry only to approved individuals at certain times and on certain days. Furthermore, an electronic access can provide a record of who entered and when. An individual’s duration of stay can also be recorded. This information can be valuable to a business that is concerned with security.

An electronic access system is controlled by a computer; management software allows the owner to set the controls regarding who has permission to open a lock and when. Installation and set up is performed by a security company. Get more information about Electronic Access System Installation in Greenwood IN.

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