A paved walkway leading to a home’s back porch will prevent dirt from being tracked inside of a residence. A walkway will add beauty to a bland piece of property and light stakes can be installed next to a walkway to increase visibility at night. The following directions describe how to clear and level property and install a basic walkway and lighting.


 *    ground marking spray paint

 *    measuring tape

 *    rake

 *    wheelbarrow

 *    paving blocks

 *    garden tiller

 *    gravel

 *    sand

 *    solar-powered lights that are secured to wooden stakes

Marking And Clearing The Ground

After measuring the length and width of the section that will be used for a walkway, ground marking spray paint should be applied to outline the area. A rake may be used to collect branches, leaves, small rocks or any other type of debris. A garden tiller can be moved across the marked portion of the ground to loosen sod and weeds. Shovelfuls of yard waste can be added to a wheelbarrow so that they can be moved away from the area where the walkway is being installed.

Installing Paving Blocks And Solar-Powered Lights

Paving blocks that complement that color of a home’s exterior can be purchased from a landscaping business. Each block should be pressed firmly against the ground’s surface. A measuring tape will assist with lining up blocks in an even manner. If there is a small amount of space between each paving block, gravel or sand can be used to fill in all of the gaps. Each stake that is secured to a solar-powered light can be installed on either side of the walkway. The stakes need to be pressed firmly into the ground. After the sun sets each evening, a light will be emitted next to the walkway, allowing a homeowner to see clearly when they are exiting or entering their property.

Paving blocks can be maintained by rinsing them off occasionally with a water hose and eliminating stains with a product that is designed for the material that each block is made out of. Landscapers in Waukesha, WI can be hired to care for a piece of property or install a new feature outdoors. More information about projects and materials that are used can be acquired by visiting websites that belong to landscapers in Waukesha, WI.

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