A home’s insulation offers many benefits beyond keeping its interior toasty during the cold season. Insulation also provides major benefits in the summer months as well. Some people compare a home’s insulation to that of a person wearing a down coat to keep warm. But, the reality is that Insulation Installations in Grove City Ohio act more like a thermos for the home-;keeping the indoors cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Providing a home with the proper amount of insulation has a significant impact on energy consumption and the corresponding utility bills. Running the furnace less in the winter and the air-conditioning less in the summer results in lower bills and happier bank accounts. By contracting Arrowroofingandsiding.com to retrofit or upgrade the insulation in your home, a substantial reduction in energy use can be achieved, keeping more money in your pocket.

The efficiency of an insulation material is determined by its thermal resistance, expressed in terms of R-value. The R-value measures how well the material retains heat, and the higher the R-value number the longer the material retains heat. Home insulating materials typically range from 2.2 (loose fiberglass) up to 8.0 for polyurethane foam. Depending on the geographical location the recommended R-value varies for walls, although an R-value of 38 is required under the current building codes for ceilings, and floors should be R-19 at a minimum.

That being said, even if you or your contractor performed Insulation Installations in Grove City Ohio using the highest R-value insulation available, but the home has air leaks, it was all for naught. It’s really no different than you going outside in the blowing, cold wind with a coat on but you fail to zip the zipper-;what’s the point? Installing the proper R-value insulating material for your location, and doing it correctly, as well as sealing it adequately is no less important than the quality of the material used.

When consulting an insulation contractor, be sure to inquire how moisture or air leaks are dealt with and how they ensure the home is properly sealed. Air leaks are the biggest culprit in energy loss and high utility bills, not inadequate insulation, as is so often blamed. If your home has significant air-leaks, adding more insulation serves no purpose other than spending more money.

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