It’s not your first time in Airsoftland. But buying your second gun can still be an overwhelming experience. There are a ton of choices out there. How do you know you’re shelling out shekels for the right one? To help you out, here are a few pointers on the merits of an electric airsoft gun. And why it could serve as a good choice for you:

More power

A lot of beginners start out with spring airsoft guns. When you’ve got the hang of the game, though, you’ll want to invest in better gear. And since gas airsoft guns are often reserved for a secondary weapon or sidearm, says Airsoft Squared, that leaves you with AEGs. It’s a good idea to upgrade to an electric airsoft gun or AEG for your primary weapon since these units pack a lot of power. They’re also the most accurate, allowing you better shooting performance in the field.

More hits

One of the best things about EAGs is that they allow you continuous shooting. That’s the disadvantage of spring airsoft guns. You have to pull back the trigger every time you fire a shot. With EAGs, you get automatic firing capability, at least until you empty out your clip.

Better durability

If you and your friends love to play in challenging environments—swamp areas, deserts and canyons—you’ll realize soon enough that it means going home with a few broken barrels or guns. So you’ll either need to reinforce weak guns or invest in durable ones. AEGs are a good choice for this since they’re sturdy and able to withstand use in rough environments. Just make sure you regularly clean it out after every use. This helps keep your gun in shape for a long time.

So if you think you’re ready to move up and be a competitive Airsoft player, then it might be time to take a long, considering look at AEGs.

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