The Italian food in Houston standards are great but if you want to add a little excitement to your Italian food choices you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone and hit up a restaurant that offers Italian cuisine with a twist.  You can have all the old efforts with a little something extra that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. The right balance of old and new can add new excitement to your old standards.

Be Daring

Sticking with the same old restaurants is great if you do not mind sticking with the same old menu but everyone needs a change once and awhile. Food should be something that is exciting and should spark a little adventure.  A restaurant that caters to people that love both old standards and that want to try something a little more interesting is a great place to consider.

The Atmosphere

Everyone can fall into the restaurant “doldrums”, you know where going out to eat is just a necessity and not really an event.  One of the reasons that you get stuck in the restaurant blahs is because the atmosphere or where you are eating is just not geared toward making the meal an event.  To break away from the restaurant blahs you need to start eating at restaurants that offer an atmosphere as well as an interesting menu.

Avoid the Chains

One of the other mistakes that a lot of diners make is that they head out to national chain restaurants.  There are a couple of reasons that you DO NOT want to make this mistake if you are in search of an exciting meal. Chain restaurants offer:

  *  Standardized fare
  *  No surprises
  *  Mass produced food

If you want boring head to your nearest chain restaurant. You will get standardized fare that is mass produced from stock products, you will not likely find a lot of fresh ingredients in the food. There is nothing unique and most of the food comes from frozen products. In many cases at chain restaurants what you get is reheated microwaved meals that have very little to do with Italian recipes or ingredients that you would find in authentic Italian meals.

Look for a restaurant that relies on unique recipes that are crafted from in season ingredients. The reward will be well worth the effort. You will have a meal you will not soon forget, it will make eating out an event again!

Mia Bella Trattoria is putting the excitement back into Italian food in Houston! Make your reservation today and experience Italian food like you never have before!

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