Summer in Florida means a steady increase in a amount of thunderstorms. This increased rainfall poses a hazard for foundations. One of the best ways to protect the basement and foundation is with the installation of a french drain. French drains are a low maintenance water control method that aids in protecting the entire foundation. Before the french drain installation process begins, these are some of the items that need to be taken care.

Since the french drain installations in Tampa FL require digging a ditch around the yard, all landscaping does need to be removed. Most types of plants can be temporarily stored in pots for replanting later on. Saving the bushes and flowers at this juncture can also lead to savings down the road since these items don’t have to be replaced.

In some cases, the concrete may have to be dug up as part of the process of digging the drain. This is unavoidable since the protection must run around the entire foundation. Make plans to park cars and vehicles in other locations until the concrete can be replaced. While dirt is a temporary fill measure, consider getting quotes and checking out contractors for this item so that a replacement can be poured as soon as possible.

Old plumbing may interfere with the french drain installations in Tampa FL. Because the drain will ultimately tie into the sewer line, make sure these items do not have to be replaced. Signs that a replacement line maybe needed include water leakage in the basement from the main piping, any type of cast iron piping used anywhere in the system or indications of water present in the yard that is not attributable to another source. If piping does have to be replaced, it can save time if the schedules coincide with each other.

French drains are highly effective at saving a home’s foundation. With the amount of water that Florida receives, the moisture can easily destroy the foundation structure. Once in place, the French drain doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Contact us for more information regarding the installation process or to get a quote for a French drain to protect your home.

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