Air conditioners and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems can be very complicated appliances. One reason for this is the variety of electronics that are necessary for the device to function correctly. For instance, the AC will need a temperature sensing switch to determine when to cycle the condenser. Without this switch, the unit would continue to run and eventually freeze over. Even worse, the continuous operation of the condenser would run up those utility bills. Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Covina CA can help by checking the system for problems and replacing any worn components.

There are several places where an air conditioner can fail and one of the more expensive of these is the condenser. The condenser unit is used to compress a chemical refrigerant and cause it to change state. This process makes it possible for the refrigerant to absorb heat so it can be transported out of the building. However, this requires a lot of energy and the pressure involved can be enormous. Modern versions of the HVAC system actually use a newer refrigerant that requires, even more, pressure, but this refrigerant causes fewer problems for the environment. One thing that can affect the condenser is a low refrigerant level. Low refrigerant makes the system run harder to produce the same amount of output, but it can also affect the internal components of the condenser. This is because the refrigerant carries the lubricant that reduces friction in the device and lowers the internal heat level.

Another reason that Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Covina CA may be necessary is freezing around the evaporator coil. This problem could be the result of a low refrigerant level, but it could also be a sign of a dirty coil. Air conditioners create condensation and this moisture tends to collect on the coil. The AC also uses a simple filtration system that only traps a part of the dust that passes through it. Once this dust and condensation mixes, it sticks to the evaporator coil. If this gunk freezes, it could cause the coil to rupture. This can be an expensive repair because a damaged evaporator coil must be replaced. The pressure inside it is too high for a quick weld. Visit Website and get more details about AC maintenance and repairs.

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