When a restaurant has a Dumpster CT on their property, food remnants placed inside are sure to attract an abundance of pests. Insects, wild animals, and even feral cats can become nuisances if their presence is frequent. Here are some steps that restaurant employees can take to minimize the chance of pests hanging around or getting into a dumpster on the property.

Make Sure Items Are Contained Properly

It is best to place any refuse inside of garbage bags before placing the items inside of a dumpster. Double-bagging trash is best as it will help to eliminate odor, making the dumpster less attractive to pests. Check that garbage bags are free of tears or pin holes so odor and liquids do not seep out of voids. It is also wise to tie handles tightly so the contents are secured properly.

Consider Frequent Pickups To Avoid Excessive Odor

If contents are placed in a dumpster on a daily basis, the odor that is emitted from the container is bound to be pungent after a day or two. To avoid offensive odors from coming out of the dumpster, call a service to swap the container with a new one on a frequent basis. Most dumpster companies provide this service to their customers if requested. This helps to minimize the chance of pest invasions.

Make Sure The Dumpster Lid Is Secure

Make it a priority to rent a dumpster with a lid for the containment of refuse. Ask each employee to check that the lid is in a closed position after garbage is thrown inside of the dumpster. If larger animals are getting inside of a dumpster, use cinder blocks or large stones to put weight on the lid so it is harder for these pests to gain entry to the contents. When there is a need to rent a Dumpster in CT, finding a service to provide containers on a constant basis is necessary.

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