When you own a small business, one of your primary concerns is increasing revenue. If you’re a savvy business owner, you understand that your employees are an integral part of taking care of your customers; if your customers are satisfied, they will come back again and again. How do your customers stay satisfied? By interacting with employees that like their job and are proud to be employed by your company. This may all sound a bit too Pollyanna – but the fact remains that if your employees are happy, your customers will be happy. There are many ways you can keep your workers happy – from giving them promotional items like a metropolitan zippered portfolio to recognizing an employee of the month. Here are a few other ways you can keep your workers satisfied and reduce turnover:

* Pay Competitive wages: If you want to keep your employees for the long term, it’s imperative that you offer competitive wages. Your salary ranges should reflect the talent and skill level that you expect from each of your employees. Simply put, you can’t expect to hire experienced staff and only pay entry-level wages.

* Provide a positive environment: No matter what kind of business you have, it should resonate positive vibes. This means you’ll need to be in tune to your employees’ concerns and issues, and ensure that they are happy in their role within your company.

* Conduct some ‘playful’ competition: If you have a sales department, you can host some friendly competition within the department. Give small prizes each month for the best sales team, or the employee with the highest sales. This will help keep your sales team motivated each and every month. Hold team building activities to keep the atmosphere friendly and competitive at the same time.

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