Ohio’s winter weather can challenge any heating system. While routine servicing generally minimizes the need for emergency repairs, there is always the chance a component will fail during normal operations. When that happens, it’s important to contact the experts for emergency heating repairs in Sylvania OH. There are specific times when a heating professional should always be contacted.

The Furnace Won’t Start or Shut Down

In either instance, calling an expert immediately is crucial. If the system won’t start, temperature levels can drop quickly, which can be difficult for residents to endure as well as posing a threat to plumbing systems and other home components. When a furnace won’t cycle off, contact the experts immediately for advice. They will recommend steps to take until help can arrive.

Strange Odors are Coming from the System

Under normal conditions, homeowners should not notice any real odors coming from the system. The only time an odor might be noticed is when a unit is first started after sitting for a period of time. Dust burning off components may produce an odor for a few minutes, but should disappear quickly. Any other odors indicate there is an issue with the system that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Fuel Bills are Suddenly Larger

Any unexplained increase in fuel consumption indicates there is a problem. While something minor like plugged filters can cause a jump in use, high fuel bills suggest there is some type of issue with the unit itself. If the filters are checked and appear clean, contact an expert for advice as soon as possible. Not only does wasting fuel increase utility bills, using more fuel can often cause health threats for home occupants.

Of course, there are other potential issues that could require a visit from a specialist providing Emergency Heating Repairs in Sylvania OH. Anytime an issue is obvious, or even suspected, contact the experts for advice. Taking care of issues promptly not only ensures any repair needs are addressed before they can cause other components to fail but also makes sure families are warm in even the harshest weather. For emergency repairs or to schedule routine maintenance, contact us today.

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