Having to do the research to prepare for hiring an Electrical Contractor in Council Bluffs can be stressful. So why not relax for a bit and enjoy some fun facts about electricity? Feed the mind and de-stress all at the same time.

  *     Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod way back in the 18th century. While conducting research about electricity, he found the lightning rod’s ability to funnel the electricity to ground instead of striking and damaging the building it is attached to.

  *     Electrical energy can be created from all sorts of things including water, the sun, wind, and animal manure! Over half of the electricity used in the United States was created by coal power plants.

  *     One simple spark of static electricity can contain over three million volts of energy. This enormous charge can last as little as one second. How’s that for shocking?

  *     If a person yelled at the top of their lungs continuously for 3,136 days, the amount of kinetic energy generated could heat a cup of coffee. So there is something to be said for nagging spouses after all.

  *     Electricity can travel at speed so fast that it can circle the entire planet eight times in the time that it takes to flick a light switch on or off.

  *     Compact fluorescent light bulbs, such as the ones that can be installed by Brase Electrical Contracting Corp., use 80% less energy than conventional light bulbs. They also last 12 times longer on average.

  *     If one had a light bulb that could be seen from the moon, it would only take just over one second for the light to be seen from Earth once the bulb was turned on.

  *     The date August 14th, 2004, saw the biggest blackout in recorded history. It took place in the northeastern part of the United States and up into Canada and affected almost 50 million people.

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