The U.S. has a problem controlling the pet population. Many dogs and cats end up as stays because they have nowhere to go. One of the best ways to prevent the problem is to have a pet spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering can be confusing. However, females are spayed and males are neutered. To spay the animal, the vet removes the female’s ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. Males have the testicles removed.

Pet neutering in Alexandria VA is not painful. Dogs and cats have the surgery under anesthesia. Even though the procedure does not take long, the animal may have to spend the night. That is because it takes animals longer to recover from anesthesia. The vet may require the animal to take it easy for a few days. Simply, they do not want any stitches to burst or infections to begin. Visit a vet’s website and click where it says browse us. Find information that answers all your questions.

Some pet owners do not want their pets to have surgery until they are at a certain age. However, animals can be spayed or neutered anytime. Experts say the procedure is safe as early as six weeks. In fact, pets are already spayed and neutered when they are adopted. These days individuals are more likely to adopt an animal that is already spayed or neutered. The public is very educated about the subject. They do not want an animal to have unwanted litters.

There are some extra benefits to Pet Neutering in Alexandria VA. Female dogs experience “heat” a couple of times a year. A dog in heat is fertile and bleeds. Further, the female emits a scent to attract male dogs. Owners notice a change in her personality. She may get angry because there is no male dog around. Heat can last for three weeks. On the other hand, mature cats experience heat every two weeks. The vet warns that a cat in heat makes different sounds and urinates in unfamiliar places. Having the surgery eliminates the heat period. Male cats and dogs are hard to live with when they have sexual urges. They may try to run away from home looking for females. They are also temperamental. Spaying and Neutering help animals and their owners.

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