More and more seniors are choosing to age in place. This means they want to stay at home in familiar surroundings. One of the main obstacles is the fear of falling and being injured. In fact, devices like stair lifts make it safer and easier for seniors and the disabled. One of the myths about stair lifts is the cost. Individuals think they are expensive, but manufacturers work hard to make them affordable. Further, there is no need to make costly renovations. There are lifts designed for straight stairs, curved stairs and outdoors stairs.

Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA are attached to the stairs, not the walls. Additionally, a unit can be installed the day after a decision to buy is made. Lifts come with a twelve-month guarantee and most have a 300-pound weight limit. Getting in and out of the stair lift is not a safety problem. It has a lockable swivel seat, so those with limited mobility can easily get on and off. Once on, there is a protective safety belt to strap yourself in. Likewise, there are other attractive features for the disabled. Anyone with back problems will love the padded seat and back-cushion. Moreover, the lift has a remote control. Therefore, the operation does not require a lot of strength.

The technological advancements in Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA are amazing. Several safety sensors stop the lift if anything is blocking the stairs. Additionally, the railing on some lifts can be extended. This means the lift can be installed so it takes the user from the stairs to another room. Interestingly, consumers can buy a lift just for outdoor use. There is no need to give up using the patio or deck. All outdoor lifts are durable and weatherproof.

Users are very satisfied according to recent testimonials. One user raved about the customer service and the installer. There was agreement that installers thoroughly explained how to operate the lift. Other customers were simply pleased they could get upstairs again. Using the entire house means a lot to homeowners. If you are interested in a stair lift, contact McArdle Surgical.

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