It may be surprising for many people to learn that steel is not a metal that is mined directly from the earth, as iron and aluminum are. All steel is made mostly of iron. In fact, steel typically contains 90 to 99 percent iron, and the remainder is all or mostly carbon. In the manufacturing world, the product is known as carbon steel, and it comes in a broad range of grades and classifications. For Carbon Steel, Seattle WA manufacturing plants look for suppliers that provide top-quality materials.

When a type of metal is added to another type, the combination is known as an alloy. Thus, all forms of steel are alloys. There are hundreds of iron and carbon alloys, combined in precise amounts for various manufacturing needs. Carbon steel also may include small amounts of manganese, nickel, and other metals. Stainless steel, which can be found in nearly any home in the form of tableware, mixing bowls, and kitchen sinks, is made of iron, carbon, and 10.5 percent or more of chromium. Chromium gives steel its corrosion resistance.

When it comes to Carbon Steel Seattle WA, factories choose a certain grade and material composition, depending on the product to be constructed. Top-quality carving knives are commonly made from a grade known as high carbon steel because the material stays very sharp longer than other grades do. The tradeoff is that high carbon steel is more brittle and vulnerable to breaking. Low carbon steel can be bent much further without breaking. If damaged, it may simply develop a permanent bend instead of cracking.

In regard to kitchenware, many consumers like cast iron frying pans for various uses. Others prefer steel. Many people who enjoy cooking choose to have both kinds of pan for the different advantages. Oddly enough, cast iron actually contains up to three percent carbon and as low as 97 percent iron, according to a 2015 article in Cook’s Illustrated. Products sold as carbon-steel cookware only contain one percent carbon and 99 percent iron. A company like Specialty Metals supplies the materials to manufacturers producing frying pans, mixing bowls, tableware, kitchen sinks, appliances, and many other consumer goods. Browse website to learn more about this particular organization.

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