Your home exquisitely reflects your taste for fine furnishings, floorings, woodwork, and lighting essentials. From top floor to basement, you have gone the extra mile to ensure that your surroundings are welcoming and inviting to all who visit. You have found the exact balance of texture and light to give you the openness in your decorating design and are confident that all who enter will feel graciously at home. You have solved the dilemma of doors getting in your way by choosing the most beautiful doors with full glass inserts so that nothing in your home is hidden, even when the doors are closed.

Windows that were Works of Art
The 17th century Renaissance designers knew exactly what they were doing when they let as much natural sunlight into the buildings as they could. At that point in time there were no electric lights to switch on, so they had to bring in the light from outside. The windows in their homes were full length—from ceiling to floor. They elegantly led out onto balconies overhanging the homes where the window could open and fully admit the sun and pleasant breeze. The light filled the rooms for the entire day, giving them an air of summer even indoors. Their emphasis was on symmetry and geometry, much as their earlier counterparts had discovered in Roman architecture.

Windows Became Doors
These windows soon moved into the interior of the homes, letting the light last inside for a longer part of the day. The inside rooms and hallways soon had light. The doors were first made of wood and adorned with wrought iron to add style. French doors were traditionally made of individual glass windows held by bars of wood which created frames for the windows.

Today’s Beautiful French Doors Convey Beauty and Openness
Modern doors today rival the beauty of those original French windows without the balconies. They open light up on a double door, whether between rooms or as an entrance door to the home. There are many different types of wood used in their construction such as alder and mahogany which provide texture and color to adorn and accessorize the sheen of the glass inserts. These doors create an ambiance that reflects your personality and complements the beauty within your home.

Your French Doors are Available from a Quality Door Contractor of Your Choice
Your door contractor should be as discriminating as you are and should be able to help you choose either one-of-a-kind design doors for your interior rooms or a grand entrance French door for your entry or patio. With so many styles available today, you will want to take advantage of the expertise of an experienced contractor who can provide the kind of workmanship you desire in your home.

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