Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the USA and is also a major hub for commerce and trading. Many of the businesses that are situated in Hawaii usually ship their products throughout the United States. However, Hawaii is not exactly spread over one vast expanse of land; it’s actually divided into a group of small islands. In order to facilitate businesses in shipping and receiving products, there are numerous logistics companies in Hawaii. These companies operate on different levels, providing services to businesses and individuals all over the state. Here are some of the major services that these companies offer.

Container Shipping

If you want goods shipped anywhere in the United States, you can get in touch with a logistics company. Reputable logistics companies such as the Landmark Logistics Corporation have built names for themselves by providing quality logistics solutions to businesses big and small. The company specializes in freight forwarding, shipping large amounts of goods from one place to another, and also offering a door to door service. Freight forwarding is one of the most essential services that you can expect from any logistics company.


Inventory is generally shipped on pallets (rectangular platforms usually made of wood on which goods are placed). Pallets allow easy movement of inventory from one place to another as a forklift can be used for lifting stacks of packed pallets and moving them around. However, if shipping is not immediately possible, many logistics companies also offer warehousing solutions so you can also leave your goods in the company’s warehouse for a particular period of time until they are ready for shipping. Of course, you will have to pay a fee for using the company’s warehouse, which depends on the duration for which the goods are placed here.

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