Everyone has their own opinion of how they would like their remains handled after they are gone. Some people want to donate their bodies to science, some want a massive tomb or headstone and others prefer to have themselves cremated at the end. It is important to make these desires known no matter what the wish may be. Trying to make this choice without any guidance is heart-wrenching for family members that are already grieving.

Make it Official

Telling a friend or family member is not enough. There is the risk that they will pass away first, that they may forget or that other relations will not believe what they have to say. Cremation in Bel Air can be controversial because some religions determine what happens to the remains and the wishes of the individual may not be in line with those rules. A living will is valuable in many ways. It takes the burden away from loved ones and ensures the deceased has their wishes honored.

Make it Detailed

Do not just state whether burial or cremation is preferred. Document whether the ashes should be buried, kept or spread. Mention desirable locations for the body or the ashes to be buried or where the ashes are to be spread. Detailed final plans reduce stress and disagreement among families during funeral preparations.

Make it Easy

The best option for burial or Cremation in Bel Air is to have the entire funeral and care of the body covered by pre-arranging everything. This is a sensible option for everyone because it completely removes the burden for the family and it locks in the prices. Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services offers pre-planning services and the entire process is available online. This is a private and fast option that is perfect for busy people.

Some people do not bother with pre-planning because they are either uncomfortable with the topic or do not care what happens once they perish. However, planning ahead by creating a living will or arranging a service is a final gift people give to their loved ones. It is also the only genuine guarantee that all wishes will be honored. Consider the options and visit the website to learn more about planning ahead for this inevitable event. Visit the website www.evansfuneralchapel.com for more information.

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