Maxillofacial disorders are oral maladies of the mouth, jaw, facial muscles and joints, and salivary glands. The jaws of some patients with this disorder don’t meet together properly. This can cause chronic pain with tension and an incorrect bite. When non-surgical orthodontic treatment doesn’t work, Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL may be necessary. The jaw is misaligned and surgery shifts it into right position. Some patients may need orthodontic treatment in addition surgery. When all parts of treatment are complete, the jaw is in even alignment with the top and bottom teeth resting against each other comfortably. Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL is for those with an improper bite, but the jaws are in an uneven placement too. Some injuries and birth defects can be mended with this surgery as well.

Dental implants for some patients may first require a corrective procedure called pre-prosthetic surgery. This is a surgery that makes changes to the bone ridge. This bone sits under the teeth. If it is not appropriately sized for the dental implants, the patient can experience discomfort and the implants may not fit well. When teeth are missing, the bone ridge under may be sharp and a little jagged. Pre-prosthetic surgery is done to smooth out the bone and evenly shape it on the surface. The surgeon may need to remove excess bone, gum tissue, or expose impacted teeth. After the patient heals from surgery, a normal dental implant procedure can be performed.

Serious oral maladies should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Complications that start with oral pathology can lead to oral cancer. Signs of oral pathology are seen on the lips, gum tissue, cheeks, palate, tongue, face or neck. Changes in the appearance and color of soft tissue inside the mouth are signs that a pathological disorder is in effect. These conditions can be disfiguring. Oral cancer has and eighty percent survival rate when it’s diagnosed right away. Oral surgery removes cysts and other growths. Cancerous tissue in the mouth can be removed with surgery. There are several treatments for oral pathology that all can palliate or cure progressing maladies. To start treatment, contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C.

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