Parents of a teenager who was injured at a therapeutic boarding school may want to know whether they can file a lawsuit against the school. They can find answers by consulting a firm such as McGlone Law in Terre Haute, IN. A primary problem will involve whether the parents signed a contract absolving the school of any wrongdoing in the case of an injury. Personal injury lawyers will want to see the contract to determine whether it may be considered invalid.

Some therapeutic boarding schools are known for compassionate rehabilitation for young persons, but others are controversial because of their rigid and relatively harsh strategies at reforming juveniles who have been in trouble with the law. Well-meaning parents may never have known the methods of discipline that go on behind closed doors in these facilities or the rough emotional treatment the kids receive from staff members. They are shocked when they learn their child has been injured in a setting they hoped would be helpful.

An example of a situation that sometimes arises in these facilities is the use of physical restraints. Another is solitary confinement. Indiana law specifically addresses these actions in the school setting, stating that restraint and seclusion must only be applied as last resorts. Generally, these measures are only to be taken if there is no other way to stop the student from harming others. They are not to be used for any length of time, as the strategies can cause significant emotional and mental trauma. In addition, a student who is at risk of self-harm needs more appropriate professional help.

An attorney with a firm like McGlone Law in Terre Haute, IN can answer questions about their options for obtaining deserved financial compensation. For example, if medical bills resulted from the injury, the school may be liable for paying them. The troubled teenager may be in worse emotional straits than before and may benefit from psychological counseling. The school may be responsible for those bills as well. Parents dealing with this type of situation may click here for contact information for this particular law firm, which offers free initial consultations.

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