A meth lab in any type of building is a concern for the owner. The toxic chemicals in meth should only be removed by technicians with experience. Meth Lab Clean Up by highly-trained professionals can save a home or structure without the need for demolition. A mini lab can cause the same damage as a larger one. These types of labs are usually located in the basement or bathroom of a home. These fumes can travel through the ventilation system and contaminate the entire home.

If there’s a concern that a home’s been used as a meth lab, it can be tested by a certified technician. A composite test will be used in the home. When the testing is completed by an industrial hygienist lab, they will provide a copy of the test to the consumer. Before a decontamination process can begin, all of the chemicals and cooking pots must be removed by law enforcement and first responders. The soft items in the building will be removed. These items can include carpet, padding, blinds, and drapes. Cabinetry, fixtures, and drywall will remain in the building and will be decontaminated.

Service providers will use a green decontamination process. The foam will cover the inside of the structure as it decontaminates everything within the building. After the foaming is complete, the inside of the structure will be tested for any remaining residue. When Meth Lab Clean Up has occurred, the paint in a building will blister or bubble. The walls will require sanding and painting when the process is complete. This type of service can save an owner or insurance company thousands of dollars on a meth lab claim cleanup because the building will not have to be demolished.

More information about decontamination can be found by visiting visit georgiaclean.com. When you’re looking for an experienced company with trained technicians to thoroughly decontaminate your property, they will deliver on their promises. They have years of experience working with property owners and insurance companies to thoroughly clean a structure that has meth contamination. You can also find more information on their Facebook page.

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