Mold can invade quietly. Often, no one notices it is there until the mold has significantly spread. However, tackling mold removal is not an easy task. There are some things which should never be attempted in the process of getting rid of it. This may cause problems which can result in health issues or the subsequent spread of mold spores.

It is tempting to use bleach with Mold Removal in Alexandria VA. While some of the surface mold may be killed during the process, the area is also being saturated with water. Many bleach-based cleaners have water as their solvent. Once the mold has another water source, any left behind the drywall will explode in growth. Even the Center for Disease Control recommends avoiding the use of bleach for cleanup of small areas.

Avoid using a scrub brush on the mold. The scrubbing action may cause the release of mold spores. This can make anyone who is having breathing issues worse. It can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Since the area itself is not contained when using this cleanup method, the mold spores will be picked up the HVAC system and spread throughout the home. This may allow the mold to find new areas in the home where it can grow.

Covering up mold with paint will also cause problems in the long run. The paint may temporarily kill what is growing on the drywall but it will return. Unless the water source is addressed, the area will always have a mold problem. In addition, the paint may not have killed all of the mold spores. The area has already been damaged by the presence of mold and the paint may disguise how big the problem actually is. Proper Mold Removal in Alexandria VA includes removal and disposal of all exposed surfaces.

Even though it may appear to be a small problem, mold is continually growing. As long as it has water, it will cover everything. Often, the extent of the problem is not seen until it has been uncovered. To remain safe during the process of removing it, never attempt the following methods. Instead, Click Here for more information on tackling the problem correctly.

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