One of the worst feelings in the world is the helplessness that usually goes along with being stuck on the side of the road. Unfortunately, automotive failure is a common occurrence and usually happens with very little notice. For instance, when a vehicle breaks a fan belt or bursts one of the water hoses, there is generally the very little time between the initial occurrence of the problem and the actual failure of the vehicle. All the driver can do is try to move the automobile out of the road and find a way to get help. In most cases, that help comes in the form of a Towing Company such as Arrow Wrecker Service Inc.


Moving a broken vehicle from one point to another usually requires special equipment. One reason for this is the extreme weight of the vehicle to be moved. Another is the complex transmission systems that modern vehicles use. This is why some vehicle haulers use flatbed trucks to move a car or truck. These vehicle haulers usually have a hydraulic system that tilts the bed for easy access. At this point, the driver will connect an electric winch to the vehicle and slowly pull it onto the bed of the truck. Once the car or truck is in place, the driver will secure the vehicle for transportation.

There are many reasons to use a Towing Company. For example, a family who is moving may need a way to haul their car or truck to another location. However, the most common reason that people hire a wrecker service is to bring a damaged or broken vehicle to a repair shop or their home. It may be possible save a little money by planning ahead of time where the vehicle should be taken to. Unfortunately, people often panic when their automobile breaks down and have the vehicle taken directly to their home. Having it hauled to a shop is usually a better choice because it avoids the need for an additional fee. Of course, this requires that the vehicle owner be familiar with the shop, so they aren’t having the automobile delivered to the wrong place.

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