New Yorkers who own fine area rugs can choose from hundreds of cleaning services, yet many rely on oriental carpet experts. That is often because professionals like The Golden Horn use centuries-old techniques that will restore even the most delicate carpets. In addition to repairs and Area Rug Cleaning in Westchester County NY, these customer-friendly specialists provide carpet sales and related rug services.

Services Are Customer Friendly

Because rug specialists have years of experience working with dozens of carpeting materials and styles, they can offer convenient online estimates. They invite clients to browse our website and view examples of their processes as well as before and after photos. Customers can then use a web form to fill in a description of their needs and add photos of carpeting. Professionals respond with an estimate and will pick up and deliver rugs within a 50-mile radius of their business.

Craftsmen Work With Most Rugs

Old world craftsman not only provide exceptional Area Rug Cleaning in Westchester County NY but can restore most fine carpets. They work with wool, silk, hooked, and hand-woven rugs. Technicians give new life to Aubussons, tapestries and needlepoint carpets. They will save clients money by sending projects to Turkey when restoration costs exceed carpets’ values. Clients often save between 50% and 80% by allowing Turkish craftsmen to do repairs and cleaning. Experts will remove odors, eliminate stains, reweave holes and re-dye carpeting. They use generations-old techniques to return even the most fragile materials to like-new condition.

Restoration Experts Provide Other Carpet Services

Clients can buy antique or elegant new carpets from the same professionals who restore well-loved older ones. Sales staff will walk clients through their showroom, where they can find rugs in dozens of styles and hundreds of colors. Professionals also appraise and store valuable floor coverings. They offer color blocking, moth treatments color run removal and will get rugs ready for hanging and storage.

New Yorkers who own fine oriental and antique rugs often depend on restoration specialists to care for the delicate floor coverings. They also rely on the old-world craftsmen to safely restore even severely damaged carpets to like-new condition and to sell fine antique and oriental rugs.

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