Let’s get down to business. At the house is a veritable pile of old gold necklaces, chains, rings and other bling-bling which is taking up space in a drawer. None of it has been worn in years since you’ve changed your style. It’s pretty certain none of it will ever be worn again. Looking back, you wonder why you blew good money on all that shiny junk back in the day. But the money went for it; it’s time to get rid of it, and to get that money back and maybe just a little extra if the price is right.

We are the premier gold buyers Downers Grove residents can come to when they’re ready to turn all that excess gold into cold hard cash. And it’s a pretty good time to sell that stuff when you look at it. With gold values hovering around $1300 per Troy Ounce, it only makes sense to deal now, when a good price can be had. Our staff experts will properly and fairly assess those items for content, calculate the best price based on weight, and make a cash offer on the spot. The whole transaction can be handled while you wait and it won’t take longer than a few minutes at most.

Perhaps it’s not junk but treasure you’re interested in dealing away? That gold coin collection which was amassed and kept safe as an investment can bring in a fair payoff. That’s what the purpose of collecting it in the first place was for, to provide a tidy nest-egg for the future. We deal with rare and expensive coins all the time. Gold coins are assessed not only for metal content but collector’s value based on condition, date of issue, and design. A minter’s flaw in one coin can result in a very high valuation for rarity, while a series set guarantees a high price if it’s unbroken. Coins are compared to the listings in the latest catalogs for a proper determination of value by professionals, so there is no question of being cheated out of a fair market price.

Click here to find out more information on the deals we can offer as professional gold buyers Downers Grove customers can turn to. We handle all valuations and transactions in a fast, efficient, and professional manner.

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