It seems everywhere you look, you see soft plastic six pack rings. They can be recycled in some areas but many people either don’t realize it or simply do not care. These rings are becoming a problem in many cities, because birds are getting caught in them in landfills, and marine life could also be threatened by those little rings of plastic. So what can be done? How about finding some new and innovative ways to deal with those pesky things? Here are some ideas which you may find helpful, interesting, or just plain unusual.

Tie them all together to make a ring toss game

Would you like an inexpensive ring toss game? It shouldn’t be hard to create a great game with the right six pack ring. You could even fill an empty beverage bottle with water to complete the game. However, it may better to play outside and use a large stick in the ground to throw your ring at.

Crazy Glasses

It might take some ingenuity but you can turn old 6 pack rings into some very unusual glasses with no lenses. This might be a good look when you plan to dress up like an owl on Halloween.

Chain Link Fencing

If you are lucky enough to save up a few thousand six pack rings, you can weave them into your very own recycled fencing. Make sure and save all of those twisty ties from bread wrappers and other food items, so you’ll have something to connect your fence panels to.

Pickup Truck Net

Maybe you would like a suitable replacement for those fancy nets, made to fit over the end of truck beds. Instead of spending a lot of money, you can make your own net with six pack rings. You’ll need something to join them together with, and light rope or string might be the perfect thing.

Mini Gardening

Would you like to grow more than one plant in a single pot? Consider placing a plastic six pack ring on top and this will give you different sections for planting or sewing seeds. Plus, the sections will not rot or mildew.

Room Separator

Remember those bamboo curtains from the 70s? How about creating your own special room separator curtains made from recycled six pack rings? Yes, your guests may occasionally get tangled up in them, but this can be a great deal of fun at a party, and you can send the video in to your favorite stupid video program.

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