Hydraulic cranes and telehandlers are ideal for moving heavy loads to high places. They let you access hard-to-reach construction areas and industrial projects due to their telescopic boom capabilities. Operators can maneuver easier in cramped areas with a minimum amount of turning space required. Unfortunately, the great lifting capacity of these machines makes them more prone to tipping over than other types of construction equipment. By not exceeding recommended load limits, you can reduce safety hazards when operating a crane or Telehandler Rental in Baltimore MD.

Lifting Equipment for Flat or Rugged Terrains

Before renting heavy-duty lifting equipment, you need to consider all the requirements and aspects of a construction project. When working on flat or artificial surfaces, hydraulic cranes are often used. The powerful boom or arm of the crane is able to lift heavy objects effortlessly into the air. Telehandlers are similar to cranes but are better equipped to operate on a rough outdoor terrain. Their convenient four-wheel drive features allow operators to tackle all types of surfaces including muddy construction sites.

Popular Telescopic Handle Attachments

A Telehandler Rental in Baltimore MD can be used to complete a variety of tasks. Construction and industrial work sites typically use a pallet fork attachment to transport heavy objects. Whether unloading inventory or moving building materials to a rooftop space, telescopic handlers complete the task in a quick, cost-effective manner. For agricultural purposes, a telehandler can be equipped with a bucket grab instead. Farmers can easily load materials into high spaces, including hoppers, without the use of a conveyor. This helps save both time and money.

Different Steering Modes Add Versatility to Telehandlers

Modern telescopic handlers offer three different steering modes. This makes it easier for the driver to tackle rough terrains, flat surfaces or lateral movements. Front-wheel steer can be used for driving over typical flat surfaces. To limit the space required for turns, all-wheel steer works bests. Side-to-side movements can easily be accomplished by selecting the crab-steer option.

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