Your smart phone is your guide to entertainment, food and directions, so why shouldn’t it be your guide to health too? Yeah, you can get great recipes, workouts and even track the amount of steps you take in a day or calories you’ve burned, but when it comes to finding answers to something such as foods you may or may not be allergic to, it’s hard to get a definitive answer. Well, that may no longer be true. Online care by board certified, American trained primary care physicians is now available through services online.

Wait, What?

Yes, you heard that correctly: doctors are now available online to look at your symptoms and medical history much like they already do on a laptop in a clinic, but without you having to be there. For many ailments, this has proven to be very affective. If you were looking for an allergist in Chicago, for example, online medical treatment would be a very effective route to go. The first step is to register as a patient and fill in your medical history and the complaint you currently have (in this example, it may be that you feel you might be allergic to Gluten, but are unsure). A board certified MD will review your file and contact you with an answer. This service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cutting Down On Wait Time

This service is not intended to replace primary care physicians and no narcotic painkillers will be provided. It has proven to be incredibly affective in keeping patients out of waiting in urgent care or your local clinic for minor ailments such as throat infections, flu like symptoms, acne, dermatitis, urinary tract infections or seasonal allergies. Instead of searching for the best allergist in Chicago, you would simply log into one of these services and type in your symptoms. Again, the board certified MD would review your symptoms and history, contact you with information and at which point you’d be able to talk with the doctor and she would fill a prescription for you to pick up at the pharmacy.

This type of service is meant to expedite the process of making an appointment to see an allergist, or primary care physician just to get a prescription filled or quick question answered. And if your primary care physician has any questions about treatment provided through this service, services are happy to provide your doctor the treatment provided to you.

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