Flame Retardant clothing is a must for anyone working in a situation where a flame can arise. For some, an electrician or in a lab scientist surrounded by chemicals that react. Unfortunately, in the workplace where flame is a risk, it’s tends to be at temperatures that are too hot to begin with. This makes it too uncomfortable to be wearing a huge suit. For example, someone who works in a kitchen moves around very quickly and is at a risk for flames. One solution is flame resistant pants.

Safety in an Outfit you Would Normally Wear

Coveralls can offer full head to toe protection but it’s just too much when most workers find it more comfortable to be in a T-Shirt and pants. Offer your staff or yourself flame retardant pants that cut the risk of an emergency situation.

Surpassing standards tests

The material offered in these pants are up to code and protect the person from the waist down. 100% flame resistant cotton offers protection against the spread of fire but also offers comfort and maneuverability. These pants have also been tested and are compliant with codes given by the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA. For example, codes such as 70E, HRC2 and ATPV all protect against electrical hazards and cover the basis of needing at least two layers in the workplace, and the science of when the fiber would not breakdown in an emergency situation.

Functional comfort

Specifically, the pants come in many different sizes and have belt loops, a waist band with a secure snap enclosure. Four pockets and a brass zipper make it feel as though you’re just wearing regular pants but more importantly, they offer protection unlike any regular pants.

The durability is not comprised at the affordable price, they can be re-worn until deemed disposable. At which point when they must be thrown away, they wouldn’t be adding to any solid-waste landfill.

When looking to purchase a flame resistant pants visit MPE at http://www.disposable-garmets.com.

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