Homeowners with a small house and a small backyard may wish they could have extra living space. A landscaper who specializes in patio design in Long Island NY knows how to help. A lovely outdoor surface paved with brick or stone can effectively increase the living space of the home, especially with features such as a retractable roof or awning, and a patio heater. The roof or awning keeps sunshine off the space during hot weather and blocks rain so people can still enjoy spending time outside when the weather isn’t cooperative. The heater extends the patio season far into autumn and allows homeowners to comfortably start relaxing out there earlier in the spring.

The backyard may be small, but Patio Design in Long Island NY probably still can accommodate several chairs and a table, and perhaps a chaise lounge or two. Residents of the home can have breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors and just spend time enjoying nice weather. A surface of stone or brick creates a more appealing atmosphere than a plain gray concrete slab. The homeowners can choose patio furniture to match and to complement the colors of the hardscape. The effect is a bit like having an addition built onto the house.

If a roof or awning is a feature the homeowners want, the patio can be extended past that overhead cover so people who want to sit in the sunshine can easily do so. That extended area also is a suitable place for a barbecue grill; many people love cooking outside during the warmer months of the year. The patio provides extra seating when residents of the house want to have guests over. The area might include a bar with tall stools in addition to the regular patio seating.

An organization such as Libardi Island Landscaping can assist property owners with designing the perfect patio space in a small backyard. It doesn’t matter whether the outdoor living area must be entered through the kitchen, dining area, living room or garage; the space still creates the illusion of extra square footage for the house.

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