When people start thinking about the upcoming holiday season, it may be time to think of different possibilities for a Gift Basket in Tucson AZ. Whether they order one that’s already premade or order various products to make their own, combining items like nuts, candy and syrup is a sure way to please friends, relatives and colleagues. A basket of food gifts from a store such as Green Valley Pecan Company is a welcome surprise and adds bright cheer to any holiday for which it is sent. Visit the website PecanStore.com to view the variety of products available.

Since pecans are grown in southern Arizona, this tree nut is ideal for a Gift Basket in Tucson AZ. That’s especially true when a southern Arizona resident sends baskets to people who live in other parts of the country and don’t have access to locally grown pecans. Camelback chocolate candy made with these nuts can be included as a sweet treat. Pecans are also available from gift shops in flavored versions, such as cinnamon and toasted honey. Sending bags of natural pecans along with flavored types is always appreciated since so many individuals enjoy munching on the regular version after it’s been shelled. Baking with these nuts is also popular during holidays.

Pecans and other tree nuts have become increasingly considered part of a healthy diet. For people who have cut back on their meat intake, nuts provide a healthy and tasty source of protein. They can be eaten as a snack food instead of potato chips and other processed products with little to no nutritional value. Environmentally conscious individuals like the idea of choosing protein foods that don’t put as much stress on the ecosystem as animals raised for meat do. Although pecan trees do need to be watered in a dry climate like that of southern Arizona, they still have less of a water-related impact than many other agricultural choices do, and their longevity is a positive factor. Interestingly, although pecans are referred to as tree nuts, botanically they are considered a type of fruit. These trees live for more than 100 years and produce their fruit for nearly all that time.

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