If you wake up from a night’s sleep and notice rashes, bug bites, or blood stains on pillowcases or mattresses, you may have a bed bug problem. Bed bugs like feeding on human blood as well as on pets. The itchy rash that results is due to an allergic reaction. You should also seek medical help if you are suffering from infection.

How Bed Bugs Get Inside a Residence

According to technicians at pest control companies in Mesa, bed bugs invade a home through the transport of items bought at a garage or yard sale. They may also jump on luggage and get inside a home by these means. Bed bugs may also be hiding in the carpet when you move into a house or apartment. Some of the pests migrate from adjacent condos or apartments.

Specialized Treatments That Are Environmentally Friendly

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of the bugs unless you contact pest control companies. These types of services offer specialized treatments that are state-of-the art. All the products used today are environmentally friendly and reliable. Therefore, they can be used around children and pets.

Vacuum Your House

Before you contact one of the pest control companies that handle bed bug problems or make an appointment for the service, make sure the area is prepared. Vacuum your home thoroughly, place the vacuum bag in a plastic garbage bag, and discard it outside the house. If the vacuum is bagless, wash the dust cup with soapy hot water.

Look for an Experienced Company with an Established Reputation

Besides the carpeting, also vacuum the drapes, upholstered furniture, and mattress and box springs. Make sure you cover the cracks and seams. Also, pay attention to the baseboards, moving the furniture about 18 inches from the perimeters. In order to make the removal process easier, contact a company such as Alliance Pest Management. Look for an experienced company with an established reputation.

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