Selecting a baby shower venue is exciting because the process means a new little life is about to enter the world. Checking out different locations, such as the Odyssey Country Club, gives hosts the opportunity to see various menus, layouts, and party packages. The availability of dates is one important feature to consider when booking a baby shower venue in Chicago, IL. If the only available dates are close to the baby’s due date, the mommy-to-be might feel quite uncomfortable as she could even go into labor before or during the shower. On the other hand, if the only possible dates are too early, she might not be ready to tell the whole world she is pregnant. Also, the couple might not have ever cleared space in their home for the gifts yet.

Hosts also want to check into the menus that are available at the baby shower venue in Chicago, IL. The soon-to-be mom is supposed to enjoy her day, but pregnant women have a number of food restrictions placed on them. If she has a certain condition or has encountered a certain problem with the pregnancy, the number of foods she can eat could be further restricted. As long as the baby shower is not a surprise, hosts can consult the pregnant woman to make sure that the menu includes enough food that she can eat. Even if a few items are out of the realm of possibilities, that does not mean the entire menu is unacceptable.

Not only does the menu need to include enough food, but the venue must allow for the right amount of time. Usually, hosts book showers for about four hours. After the guests have consumed the food and dessert, the mommy-to-be needs time to open all of her gifts. At showers, women usually open their presents, and a close relative or friend keeps a list of who gave which gifts. This process usually takes time, and many showers offer games for the guests to play as well. A shower with a low number of guests might not need to be as long since the woman will have fewer gifts to open.

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