It is safe to say that, for most people, their single biggest investment is their home followed, most likely, by their automobiles. Insuring both of them should be something that is not taken lightly. There are many things to consider and many options out there to choose from when dealing with an Insurance Agency in Grafton MA.

With homeowners, the choices can sometimes be mind-boggling. They sometimes have problems figuring out the correct amount of coverage for their property. They think that whatever it would cost to rebuild their home is the correct amount, but fail to realize the foundation and the land itself are not factored into the equation, so they are not covered under the policy and will not be a part of any settlement.

Most homeowners policies do not offer flood insurance, but those who live in regions susceptible to floods may be required by their banks to purchase flood insurance. Through national programs, there is insurance available that is supported by federal dollars. This would be available to property owners across Massachusetts in communities that have agreed to floodplain management ordinances. If you wish to purchase flood insurance, you may do so by contacting Northeast Insurance.

Oftentimes, when someone calls an insurance agency in Grafton MA, it is for the purposes of auto insurance. They can be a bit overwhelmed when hearing about compulsory insurance and optional insurance, and a simple take on this is that compulsory insurance involves bodily injury suffered by others, personal injury protection (PIP) protects policyholders when bodily injuries are caused by an uninsured automobile and covers damage to someone else’s property. Optional insurance is composed of accidents involving bodily injury to others, medical payments, collision, and limited collision, substitute transportation and towing as well as the labor involved.

Good insurance companies will also offer insurance to business owners. They also need commercial auto insurance that can protect their fleet, and it is crucial that they purchase general liability insurance. This protects them from any type of bodily injury or property damage claims made by others. Also extremely critical is worker’s compensation insurance, which covers medical costs if one of their employees in injured while on the job.

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