After many years of faithful service, the old roof has to go. After working out the details with a contractor, plans for a new roof are finalized and the work will begin in a couple of days. In the interim, there are several things the homeowner can do to prepare for that Residential Roofing Installation in Columbia MD.

Here are a couple of examples.

Clearing Work Space for the Roofing Team

One of the more important things the homeowner can do to prepare for the Residential Roofing Installation in Columbia MD is to make sure the roofing team has plenty of room to work. This begins by clearing the driveway so that the trucks bearing the roofing materials can get as close to the house as possible. Make arrangements to park on the street or see if a neighbor will share a driveway for the day of the installation.

To make things even easier, move everything possible away from the area directly around the house. That includes the patio furniture, potted plants, and the grill that is currently out back and parked by the side of the house. The goal is to remove anything that the roofers would have to work around as they remove old sections of roofing and carry bundles of new product up a ladder.

Finding Other Things to Do

Members of the household may like the idea of watching the roofers while they work, but it pays to not get too close. If possible, find things to do inside or arrange to run some errands for the morning. Roofing day would also be a great time to arrange a play date for the kids. By remaining further away from where the action is, the roofers can work quickly and not have to worry about accidentally tossing an old bit of material over the side and having it land on the head of the client.

For anyone who thinks the time has come for a new roof, call the team at Politz Enterprises Inc today. After taking a look at the home and discussing the merits of different materials, it will be easy to settle the details and schedule a date for the replacement to take place.

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