Many people don’t realize what common oral disease is associated with diabetes, stroke or heart disease. The answer to this is periodontal disease. While this may seem scary, the fact is, with regular visits to a General Dentist Oahu, as well as daily flossing and brushing, it can be easily prevented. Periodontal disease, which is more commonly referred to as gum disease can affect anyone, which is why it is essential to take a proactive stance to prevent it.

Gum disease is a type of chronic infection or inflammation in the gums, as well as the surrounding tissue. The primary reason of cases of gum or periodontal disease is the development of bacterial plaque. This is a colorless and sticky film that is constantly developing on a person’s teeth. The poisons that are produced and then released by this bacteria cause the fibers that are holding the gums to the teeth to begin to break down, which can create periodontal pockets that become filled with more bacteria and toxins. These can extend even deeper and begin to destroy the bone that is holding the teeth in their place and may eventually result in the tooth completely falling out.

There are certain risk factors that put some people at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease, which includes their diet, genetics, the use of tobacco, certain medications, grinding or clenching of the teeth, poor nutrition and high levels of stress. A General Dentist Oahu will be able to evaluate the situation and make sure that it is handled before it becomes worse.

The treatment for this condition will include scaling and root planing, which will involve the removal of the plaque from the tooth and the smoothing of the root surfaces. During the early stages of the problem, it can still be cured and not require any advanced type of treatment.

For those who are considered about periodontal disease and their risk of developing it, they can contact the professionals at Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS. Take some time to learn about these services to make sure that the problem does not have a chance to get so bad that tooth loss is the result. This will help ensure a healthy mouth throughout life.

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