Water is the most vital utility in a home. Without a reliable source of potable water, it would be impossible to cook, clean, or bathe. Older homes tend to have problems with their plumbing. After years of use, the sewage main will most likely have quite a bit of blockage. This blockage could cause backup to come through the drains in the shower and sinks. The water main can experience wear and tear as well. After enough time, corrosion and decay can cause leaks that can flood the yard or surrounding areas.

The most common cause of plumbing problems in a home come from clogs in the drains. Plumbers in Alexandria, VA can help remove clogs and obstructions that may interrupt water flow. Blockage can prevent sewage and gray water from being removed through the drains. This can cause the pipes to fill and overflow back into the home. Water damage is bad enough, but sewage damage can be much worse. Along with damage from excess moisture, mold and mildew growth can damage materials in the home. Not to mention, bacteria from the sewage can present serious health problems for everyone in the home.

Allowing clean water into the home is just as important as disposing of unsafe waste. The water main coming into the home will need to be maintained as well. Older homes may have been built when construction standards were different. This means a simple repair could turn into a replacement for the entire water main. Plumbers in Alexandria, VA can remove outdated water mains and replace it with new piping that meets or exceeds current building standards.

In the past, service providers such as All Plumbing Inc. Parts & Service would have needed to excavate the entire area in order to inspect or repair the water main. Modern technology allows service providers to access pipes without penetration or digging. Checking for clogs and blockage in the water main or sewage main will be quick and clean. Homeowners can contact their local service provider to schedule an inspection for the pipes inside or outside of their home online or by calling on the phone.

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