The most common reason homeowners call for plumbing assistance is because of clogged drains. It is not always possible to use basic methods like plunging or drain cleaners to eliminate clogs, especially when they are deep in the line. It can also be dangerous to attempt these “fixes” too often without a professional inspection. The clog may be something like collapsing lines or tree roots. In addition, drain cleaners can lead to additional plumbing problems by directly causing damage to the pipes.

Clogged Drains in Quincy MA may be common, but that does not mean they are unavoidable. People can often prevent clogs from happening by being more careful with what they pour into their sinks or flush away. Grease is an obvious concern, but it is not the only dangerous product that people dispose of incorrectly. Rice and coffee grounds are equally risky to plumbing, as are baby wipes, personal hygiene products and paper towels. To protect all drains, remember to only put down them what is specifically supposed to be there. Water, soaps and detergents and toilet paper are the majority of the drain-safe materials used in the home.

When a drain is repeatedly becoming clogged, even when the homeowner is careful, an inspection should be completed. A plumber can use cameras or other methods to review the plumbing to see if the issue is tree roots or rough, peeling corroded pipes. If possible, they will clear the clog and clean the drains completely to prevent future issues. Clogged Drains in Quincy MA that cannot be resolved with a cleaning because of other damage will need to be replaced. The sooner this is done; the less the homeowner will have to worry about backed up drains and underground leaks that may damage their yard or the foundation of the home.

Companies like Drain Remedy Inc. are often able to clean drains that are repeatedly becoming clogged. Their cleaning process is able to empty out all the debris causing the clog and enables them to review all the plumbing to make certain everything is functioning as it should be. If not, they are able to provide information and estimates that will help the homeowner to understand what needs to be changed to prevent future problems.

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