Modern garage doors have evolved considerably since the first upward-opening door was first introduced in 1906. From the manually lifted single-panel gate to the automatic sectional door, garage doors have come a long way. Multi-panel sectional doors are convenient both in terms of space saving and construction. Since each panel mounts separately onto the rails, this increases the overall strength of the door by distributing the weight bearing load. No one set of rollers has to carry a significant portion of the mass. However, like its single-panel cousin, the actual mechanical work involved in lifting of the door is handled by a system of torsion springs and counterbalances. And this is where the potential hazards of DIY repair attempts lie.

Without the proper tools or knowledge, it is possible to snap the torsion spring and cause serious injury either to yourself or an innocent bystander. There are other potential causes of injury involved with trying to handle door repair on your own. And even if those hazards are avoided, an improper amateur job can leave the garage door hopelessly jammed. For these reasons, it’s always best to leave the job to the professionals.

Experienced installers who also handle Garage Door Repair in Newton MA are fully equipped and also are fully cognizant of the safety issues involved. They never undertake any task which risks injury either to themselves or, more importantly, the customer and his or her family. Professional installers are always the best choice for selecting a crew to repair a door when it is jammed or otherwise has failed to function. And when it comes either to the mechanics or the electronics, professional installers will always have the experiential edge over the do-it-yourself weekend warrior who has not seen over a hundred door systems in the course of a ten year or longer career in the business.

In seeking out the right company to work with for Garage Door Repair in Newton MA, be certain the firm does all its own work, without subcontracting any portion of it to others. Purely precautionary, but in most cases, the same people who install garage doors also repair them solo and guarantee their work. A good firm will also always offer a free estimate and full consultation before proceeding on any job. Click here to learn more about the inspection and repair work a full-service garage door company can offer to you.

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