Companies that provide Landscaping Maintenance in Darien CT will keep the property looking great, so homeowners don’t need to spend their time on various yard work projects. In addition to working on the greenery, these maintenance technicians also make sure the hardscaping around the yard stays in excellent condition. They may need to direct attention to the patio or deck, paths made of brick pavers or stone, and other hard surfaces. A driveway may be constructed from concrete, asphalt or pea gravel, and that yard feature needs occasional attention as well. Some property owners have a private sidewalk leading from the front municipal sidewalk to the front door, or a sidewalk going between front and side doors.

People who take great pride in manicured landscaping want every part of to look as close to perfect as possible. They can’t have a concrete or asphalt driveway with oil stains left by vehicles, for example. They want prompt attention to asphalt that develops crumbling edges, which is a common development over time. Paths that become damaged for any reason must be repaired, so nobody notices that anything untoward has occurred. Gravel on driveways occasionally is thrown onto the lawn and other parts of the yard by vehicles driving on the surface. Workers who do Landscaping Maintenance in Darien CT thoroughly rake up the areas around the driveway and return those stones to where they belong.

Sometimes a few brick pavers begin to sink lower than the rest due to normal ground shifts and settling. It creates an uneven surface that is less attractive and may even become a tripping hazard. Workers from a company such as Giglio Landscaping Services LLC can resolve this problem. The technicians pry the pavers loose and remove them, then fill and level the affected ground. The pavers can then be replaced and hammered back into place with a rubber-headed hammer that does not crack or otherwise damage them. This is a relatively easy repair job for skilled landscaping workers, but homeowners tend to put off this kind of repair work if they must do it themselves. It isn’t an emergency, but an ongoing annoyance.

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