Outdoor basketball and tennis courts are a great source of recreational fun. Whether you own a private residential court or manage a public one, periodic maintenance is essential. Though both types of courts require less upkeep than a swimming pool, gradual wear from water damage can cause excess cracks, sunken spots, and other surface imperfections. Water drainage repair in Branford, CT can revitalize a court and help to avoid hazardous playing conditions and potential accidents.

Many outdoor sports courts are constructed with asphalt. Though asphalt holds up well to ground settling and constant freeze and thaw cycles, eventually it will begin to age and weather. When this happens, the concrete material starts to oxidize and is more likely to crack.

Water is the number one source of damage to asphalt tennis and basketball courts. To keep a playing area in top shape, frequent checks should be performed to ensure that the drains aren’t blocked by any type of debris. The grass around the perimeter of a court should be well maintained and examined for possible water buildup. Standing water around a tennis or basketball court can result in surface stains, algae growth, cracks and structural damage.

Resurfacing Repairs or Reconstruction

The amount of damage from water drainage issues will determine what level of repair is needed. Pavement issues that are caught early can usually be remedied by resurfacing. This involves pressure washing the court, filling cracks and repairing low areas, which are often called bird baths. A finishing coat of acrylic resurfacer is then applied for added protection.

When serious structural problems exist, a total court reconstruction is the smartest solution. Though a reconstruction project requires more time and money, it is the best way to ensure long-term safety and durability when major problems exist. An experienced contractor can determine whether a water drainage repair in Branford, CT is appropriate or whether the damage warrants a total reconstruction project.

Since 1950, Atwater Paving has provided residential and commercial customers with outstanding service. Whether you need an existing tennis or basketball court repaired, driveway paving or parking lot resurfacing, their expert services are fully insured for safety and satisfaction. In addition, warranties are available, and customers can receive free estimates upon request.

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